Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 minute Smokey Eye

This smokey eye is what I like to think of as a "day" look, not too dramatic or intense. 

You will need: 
  • shimmery champagne colored shadow ( I use Too Faced Natural Eye palette you can find here)
  • dark brown/mocha colored shadow ( I use Too Faced Natural Eye palette you can find here)
  • dark brown eye liner ( I used Nars pencil eye liner in Mambo you can find here)
  • black mascara ( I used DiorShow Blackout you can find here)

1. I use my fingers but you can use brushes if you prefer. Sweep the entire lid area all the way up to right below your eyebrow and to the inner corner of your eye and end of your eyebrow

2. Get some dark brown shadow on you finger, blow lightly on it to get excess off (so it doesn't fall onto your cheek) then using a controlled sweeping motion from side to side, cover the lid area (basically where you feel your eyeball). You might have to do this several times to get enough of the dark shadow on the eye lid.

3. Draw a line from the inner corner of your eye, near the base of your upper lashes, to the outer corner of your eye. Make the line fatter as you get to the outer corner, this gives you more of the cat-eye effect. This line is a very rough drawn line, it does not have to be perfect because you are just going to smudge it anyway.

4. Smudge the eye liner with your finger with very small sweeping motions starting at the inner corner and smudge towards the outer corner.

5. You can also line your bottom eye lid with the eye liner at the base of the lashes, use a light touch. Curl lashes, apply masacra, putting more towards the outer corner of the eye, again to help achieve that cat eye effect. 


  1. awesome!!!^^
    thank you so much for share this with us ;)


  2. This is great, looks beautiful! :) nice blog!


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